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The deep digital twin connects art and technology

It has been now some time ago, but we were part of an art piece at the Biennale Istanbul 2018. Plus, we are delighted that it is now located at the Design Museum in London.

You might be wondering “how does this tech company fit into art?”. Well, I was thinking the exact same thing when we were approached by Eva Jäger and Guilemette Legrand who are running their own studio and can be found here on Instagram.

They have been fascinated by how technology shapes our society and the speed by which it happens today. More and more of our communication happens via messages. Remote interactions are also dominated by camera interactions. Just think of Skype meetings, Facetime, Google Hangouts, and there are countless more options.

Instead of writing or giving long explanatory presentations, Eva and Guilemette focus on interaction. Communicating what they want to tell by letting people interact with their art.

Their idea was ‘simple’. Create an art piece that simulates a close physical interaction, while at the same time creating distance.

The deep digital twin was born

The people interacting with the deep digital twin sit down and are ‘facing’ each other. But in this scenario they are looking at a screen right above their chair.

On that screen they see their conversational partner and their emotional analysis. That was the part where mindtrace came in.

So close and yet so far.

People loved it! Technology moves at a pace that makes it hard for people to keep up with what is possible. The emotion recognition still sounds to many like science fiction.

Futuristic picture

Instead of painting a bleak picture of the future, the deep digital twin does exactly the opposite. It engages and sparks conversation and discussion. The goal was to show what fantastic things are possible and also what we should be careful of.

Guillemette and Eva have now been invited to display their deep digital twin in France and Belgium. I’m excited that we are part of this journey!