Cursor vs Eye Tracking – Is Eye Tracking worth the trouble?

Back in 2017, I embarked on yet another digital adventure, creating another website. The excitement was palpable, each pixel and piece of content meticulously crafted. I was proud and couldn’t wait to show it to people. But there was an underlying doubt, a silent question that lingered: Was it any good? Will people tell me the truth when I ask them?

Corticospinal correlates of fast and slow adaptive processes in motor learning

In our study, we found our brains learn new movements in multiple ways. Using a special device, we sent harmless magnetic pulses to participants’ brains. We found one brain response related to quick learning and forgetting, and another to slow learning but long-term remembering, just like learning a new sport.

Mechanisms of interference between motor memories

This is my PhD Thesis, which consists of 4 chapters and each of them investigating different aspects of mechanisms of motor memories.

Every day, we make a ton of different movements, from easy tasks like picking up a cup of coffee, to more complex ones like riding a bike. The amazing thing is, we do all these movements automatically, without even really thinking about it.

Generalization and transfer of contextual cues in motor learning

In our everyday life, we’re constantly adjusting our movements to deal with different situations. It’s a bit like having an inner map for each type of movement we need to make. And we’re constantly creating new maps or updating old ones based on what our senses are telling us.

Vestibular benefits to task savings in motor adaptation

Imagine you’re trying to walk in a straight line while the wind is pushing you sideways. After a while, you learn how to adjust your steps to compensate for the wind so you can walk straight. Now, what if the wind suddenly changes direction? You’d have to adjust your steps all over again, right? Our bodies are pretty amazing because they can learn to adapt to these changes. We rely on signals or cues from our senses to do this.