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I like to summarize the stuff I'm interested in and also catalog things along the way. Hopefully, some of it is interesting to you too.

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Handelsblatt – AI in medicine

This article was published in the German Newspaper the Handelsblatt. The original title is “Mit KI und Motion-Tracking zur präventiven Medizin“.

Mercator Launch – Catching up…

When I first started to dabble in entrepreneurship not much existed at the Radboud University. It was really early days. After some time the University

FunnelVisie – Neuromarketing

I was invited to speak with Ivo de Clercq and with Lucas Prigge, who I have met through the Gelderland Valoriseert initiative. We both attended

Nijmeegse Ondernemers – Event

Every year, Nijmegen hosts an event for all entrepreneurs across all sections of industry that the region has to offer. We have large companies being


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