Data Donderdag #23 – Milk and the Mind

🗓️ July 12, 2018

Data Donderdag #23 - Milk and the Mind

After presenting at the AI Expo 2018 in Amsterdam, I got to meet GoDataDriven. We immediately got along and we shared the approach of getting data to make better decisions.

They were hosting a regular Meetup event, the so called Data Donderdag, or Data Thursday. Goal of the meeting? According to them:


In the past years, Data Donderdag ("Data Thursday") has grown to the Big Data event for managers, marketeers and business owners looking for appealing cases and practical examples withouth lenghty technical talks or empty promises of software vendors. This is the meetup group of Data Donderdag. Every other month, a meetup is scheduled in Amsterdam. We start with food and drinks and close off the evening with a networking drink. During the meetup we will discuss topics on big data, data science and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to increase the awareness of big data at organizations by giving concrete examples of business use cases combined with pitches of big data startups. Be surprised by inspiring speakers!


I gave the talk on 12.07.2018 in Amsterdam. It even got streamed live. However, I couldn’t find the video footage itself. 

We finished the Meetup with a fun Meet & Greet. Thanks again for the invitation GoDataDriven.


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