Mercator Launch – Entrepreneurial Mind of the month

🗓️ July 12, 2018

Mercator Launch - Entrepreneurial Mind of the month

In this article I was interviewed by Mercator Launch. But what is Mercator Launch? In their own words:

Mercator Launch is a pre-incubator for early phase entrepreneurship at the Heyendaal Campus in Nijmegen. And it doesn’t matter if you are a student, researcher or a teacher at the Heyendaal Campus, our mission is simple. 

We want to empower entrepreneurial minds.
We want to help develop and showcase your innovative business ideas and support the start-ups that emerge from these ideas.

This short article catches glimpses of my transition from Academia to Entrepreneurship.

Mercator Launch – Entrepreneurial Mind of the month

Below is a short version of the article.

Short Article Version

In this engaging article, we follow the fascinating journey of Dr. Adjmal Sarwary, a cognitive science researcher who found his way into entrepreneurship. Alongside his partner Ivar, he co-founded Mind Trace, a company that leverages webcams for eye-tracking technology, unlocking unique consumer insights.

Adjmal’s story began with a casual conversation about eye tracking during a presentation. This sparked the idea of utilizing webcams for data collection, which eventually led to the creation of Mind Trace. With determination and hard work, he transformed this concept into a powerful tool capable of measuring emotions and heart rate, providing a deeper understanding of human behavior.

Venturing into the business world was a new experience for Adjmal, but his passion for merging technology with human perception kept him motivated. Through trial and error, he navigated the challenges and embraced the learning process, making his mark in the field of consumer insights.

Join us as we celebrate Adjmal’s journey, exploring how curiosity, innovation, and persistence can lead to remarkable discoveries and entrepreneurial success.


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