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🗓️ September 24, 2018

Neuromarketing made easy

In this article by Beyond, I was featured to present my startup and the story behind it. It was an enjoyable opportunity to share my journey, experiences, and aspirations.

It all started with a few curious marketers visiting the Donders Institute for Brain Research during my PhD studies that planted the seed. Their quest to truly understand people’s reactions to their content sparked my curiosity and led me to found Mind Trace. 

Our conversation also touched upon the operation and allure of Mind Trace. We chatted about how simple and intuitive it is for our clients to use our platform to optimize their advertisements or websites. With just a webcam, our technology delves into the viewer’s responses, making sense of what they see, feel, and find stimulating.

It also touches upon the appeal of the Mind Trace service across various industries and by contrast the growing disenchantment with traditional research methods such as surveys and focus groups. 

The service itself offers detailed insights into the audience’s experiences, eliminating guesswork and enabling authentic content optimization.

You can find the original article here.


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