Mercator Launch – Catching up…

🗓️ May 12, 2021

Mercator Launch - Catching up

When I first started to dabble in entrepreneurship not much existed at the Radboud University. It was really early days. After some time the University realized the need and Mercator Launch was created. But what is Mercator Launch? In their own words:

Mercator Launch is a pre-incubator for early phase entrepreneurship at the Heyendaal Campus in Nijmegen. And it doesn’t matter if you are a student, researcher or a teacher at the Heyendaal Campus, our mission is simple. 

We want to empower entrepreneurial minds.
We want to help develop and showcase your innovative business ideas and support the start-ups that emerge from these ideas.

I have known many of their team for years and can tell you that they are really there to support.

In this article we caught up on the latest developments and changes along the path.

Catching up with… Adjmal Sarwary!

Below is a short version of the article.

Short Article Version

In this insightful article, Adjmal, one of the founders of MindTrace, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of their remote prototype testing tool. He reflects on the importance of Mercator Launch, where he started, and how its services and programs were instrumental in building his company. While MindTrace is thriving, Adjmal seeks new challenges, but he’s not leaving the business world entirely.

He plans to focus on his podcast, exploring the fascinating intersection of science, technology, and business. He delves into the complexities of turning scientific breakthroughs into successful tech and business models. For the future, Adjmal is back on the job market and is reevaluating his skills, leaning towards Data Science or Product Management.

Through his experiences, Adjmal shares two invaluable lessons: timely communication and focusing on people over technology. He emphasizes the importance of listening to users and ensuring that technology meets their needs for a successful business.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Adjmal advises following skills first and letting passion grow from there. He believes surrounding yourself with the right team and atmosphere is crucial for success. Finally, he highlights the significance of celebrating successes, as they are rare and involve the efforts of the whole team.


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