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🗓️ June 27, 2022

🤖 AI in preventive medicine

I was interviewed for a blog post on the Lindera website. The original title was: 6 Fragen an… KI-Experte und Head of Clinical Dr. Adjmal Sarwary

You can find the link to the original post -> here.

You can find a translated version in English below.

Translated English Version

Meeting Dr. Adjmal Sarwary: AI Expert and Healthcare Innovator

In an insightful conversation, Dr. Adjmal Sarwary, a seasoned AI expert and Head of Clinical, shares his passion and dedication towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into healthcare. Driven by a desire to revolutionize preventive health care for an aging society, he sees neural networks as a fascinating tool to breathe new life into healthcare apps. He strongly believes in AI’s potential to lighten the burden on medical professionals, enable enriching interdisciplinary exchanges, and steer society towards greater health consciousness, once the AI systems receive proper training.


AI’s Presence in Today’s Healthcare

Dr. Sarwary highlights the role of AI in transforming image diagnostic technology, such as radiology and early cancer detection. He shares that AI has been instrumental in refining X-ray image analysis and minimizing unnecessary biopsies due to false-positive suspicions. The impact of AI on early detection of conditions like skin melanoma, breast cancer cells, and malignant tumors in the intestine has been significant. Additionally, he enthusiastically discusses the breakthroughs in 3D motion analysis. Using an everyday smartphone camera and the Lindera Algorithm Pipeline, AI can assess seniors’ risk of falls—an achievement Dr. Sarwary is particularly proud of.


Exploring Uncharted AI Territories

While AI has made strides in healthcare, Dr. Sarwary sees untapped potential, particularly in surgeries and nutritional advice. He envisions AI-based technologies predicting migraines, identifying intolerances, and reshaping dietary and exercise habits, providing relief to patients with conditions such as diabetes. The notion of AI creating individual patient profiles, considering disease-related restrictions, is particularly exciting to him. The idea of AI stepping into the role of a digital coach for exercise, providing real-time feedback and correcting postural mistakes during workouts like yoga, is another area Dr. Sarwary finds intriguing.


Understanding AI: Fear, Hype, and Reality

In the heart-to-heart chat, Dr. Sarwary also touches upon the prevailing public sentiment towards AI. He acknowledges the presence of both exaggerated expectations and unfounded fears in people’s minds. He stresses the importance of understanding the real capabilities and limitations of AI—a point often misunderstood. He encourages a balanced approach to AI, emphasizing that while AI has its merits, it’s not the panacea for all problems.


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