Tech & Trara – How research insights turn into a product

🗓️ June 27, 2022

Tech & Trara - How research insights turn into a product

I had the pleasure to talk to Moritz Stoll. He is host of the German Podcast Tech & Trara. 

In their 108th episode, we discussed advanced technologies like AI, Deep Learning, and more. We dove into the question of how we can better support research with practical applications and the challenges posed by the German higher education system, which limits work in this field.

We started with an overview of AI and Machine Learning, distinguishing between complex and simple AI and exploring practices such as motion capturing and its relevance to AI. 

Then, we go into my personal journey and discussed the structural issues within German universities that restrict freedom and experimentation.

It was an engaging conversation looking at the intersection of science, business, and AI, as well as the birthplace of key technologies. 

I hope you enjoy. Oh and keep in mind that the episode is in German.

Here is the episode link on their website.

🎙️ Podcast Interview


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