Lindera – AI in preventive medicine

I was interviewed for a blog post on the Lindera website. The original title was: 6 Fragen an… KI-Experte und Head of Clinical Dr. Adjmal Sarwary

Tech & Trara – How research insights turn into a product

I had the pleasure to talk to Moritz Stoll. He is host of the German Podcast Tech & Trara.

In their 108th episode, we discussed advanced technologies like AI, Deep Learning, and more. We dove into the question of how we can better support research with practical applications and the challenges posed by the German higher education system, which limits work in this field.

Handelsblatt – AI in medicine

This article was published in the German Newspaper the Handelsblatt. The original title is “Mit KI und Motion-Tracking zur präventiven Medizin“.

Mercator Launch – Catching up…

When I first started to dabble in entrepreneurship not much existed at the Radboud University. It was really early days. After some time the University realized the need and Mercator Launch was created.

Gelderlander – How to turn a webcam into a mind reader

The Gelderlander is one of the largest newspapers in The Netherlands and they started a new tech section in 2021. It was around that time when they contacted me to write an article about Mind Trace for exactly that new tech section. I was thrilled.

FunnelVisie – Neuromarketing

I was invited to speak with Ivo de Clercq and with Lucas Prigge, who I have met through the Gelderland Valoriseert initiative. We both attended a growth hacking workshop and exchanged a lot of ideas. He immediately asked me if I’d like to be a guest on their show.

Beyond! – Neuromarketing made easy

In this article by Beyond, I was featured to present my startup and the story behind it. It was an enjoyable opportunity to share my journey, experiences, and aspirations.

I like IT

I Like IT is a Romanian morning show that presents the latest and greatest in the world of information technology. If you are now wondering, how on earth did you get on Romanian TV and why, I asked myself the same question.